Joel Hakalax

Game Designer,Narrative Designer,Writer,Level Designer,World Builder

Name: Joel Hakalax

Profile: Game Designer


Phone: (0039) XXX-XXX-6176


Game Design 90%
Level Design 75%
Project Management 50%
Narrative Design 80%
About me

Hello! I'm Joel, and I create stuff.

I'm a Game Designer by training and trade, and have been lucky enough to put those skills to use in the game development industry for many years now.

Despite its often chaotic nature, the gaming industry is a joy to work in and rivals any other creative field in the talent, hard work and ingenuity it brings to the table every single day.

Its still a young field, and we have much to learn about interactivity in all of its forms. But there are precious few adventures, if any, that I'd rather be on.

Stuff I do

The things I bring to the game development table.

Game Documentation

I write game design documents of various forms and lengths to be custom suited for both internal development and external presentations.


I write game scripts that takes the player-character(s) through the hero's journey in all of its forms while maintaining a moment to moment gameplay scene structure.

Level Design

I design levels based on the mechanics and story requirements of the game, pacing the experience to be varied and entertaining from start to finish.

Branching Experiences

I write narratives and design levels with support for player choice, allowing interactivity to take center stage.
A branching experience increases both replayability and depth.

World & Lore

I expand existing universes and build new ones, often infusing them with varied philosophical and political viewpoints along with their counter points to create drama rich environments of depth and intrigue.

Pitch & Presentations

I pitch and present ideas both internally and externally. Whether it is press, publishers, or other gamers, I will rephrase and customize talkingpoints to fit the audience to maximize impact.









Previous Games

These are some of the games I've worked on so far.